Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cara has a fish! A betta fish!

The fish and the window

Look at my cute little Siamese Fighting fish! I picked him because he has pretty blue eyes and is very placid (some of my other potential fishes were 0pretty angry).

So I have an ironic fish, a placid angry fish.

PS. We haven't named him yet. So far he is 'Fish', 'the Colonel', 'Saturday' (that's when I bought him) and maybe 'Archimedes'.

PPS. Cara is learning photo shop! So easy when you know how! The how is the problem!


Mr David said...

Bob, Colin, Copernicus, Sushi, Nemo, Thorpey, Phelpsey, Van Den Hoogenband, Kursk, Holt, Bubbles?

Cara Bradley said...

Hahaha! Holt! Kursk! Thats terrible! Hehehe...uur too funny! I liiiike Bubbles! Van Den Hoogenband doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does it!?! ""Hello my little Van Den Hoogenband. How are you fish!?!" =)

Erin Elizabeth said...

Beautiful fish!

You might want to get him a bigger tank, though. There are lot of myths about betta fish that unfortunately shorten their lifespans.

Some great links.

claire said...

he seems to be ... dead "up and down" ( à l'envers!)