Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun and Games in CA....and work!

Naked of foliage, oak trees give life to the SRJC grounds.

...and pretty flowers.

Cara promotes her new play 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'

Hi all!

Sorry not much from me lately! Life finds me back in Santa Rosa, California with my Dad and taking classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College this semester! I have tried to resist the urge to enroll in a million classes...but to no avail! Hence, I now going to be running around like a CRAZY person! Hooray!

The classes I chose:

-Applied Graphics Intro to Computer Design
-Advanced French Conversation/Discussion
-Fashion Illustration and Design
-Advanced Singing (with the same teacher from summer) including diction and choir
-Advanced Swimming
(it's just a bit more then a full time load... and there were so many other subjects I wanted to take like anthropology, Spanish, equestrian, business, history, sewing and hey, how about welding!?!)

Also, I have tried to get involved at the JC. Ya know, make friends and influence people! So I volunteered to be the House Manager for the current SRJC play, 'Anatomy of Gray'. This involves taking care of everything that goes on in 'Front of House" coordinating ushers, couting tickets, moving the audience in and out...all that fun stuff.

I also am happy to report that I auditioned for and won a small role in the upcoming SRJC play 'One flew over the Cucukoo's Nest'. I am Sandra, a 'party girl'. Woo Hoo!

Last night I went out with a childhood friend from Santa Rosa. Sarah, her 2 girlfriends friends and I went to a petite par-tay at her friend Alex's house. There was much drinking, music and merriment afoot, along with a new form of entertainment! 'Beer Pong'. I say new, only because it is new to me! For those of you who don't know this sport, Beer Pong involves teams of 2 people standing at opposite ends of a dining room sized table. Teams throw ping pong balls at the oppositions beer cups (arranged in a bowling tenpin formation), containing beer of course. There are all kinds of random rules but the most important is that, if a ball should fall into one of your teams cups, you must consume it's contents! Oh what fun! Dangerous fun!

On that note I must be off. I am house managing tonight, have homework and house cleaning to do. It is Chilly here and rained solidly from dawn to dusk....and then some more! On a side note, I am trying to plan for the future and decide what I want to do after this Spring semester here...and I don't know! I miss Australia a bit but am not sure what's next or where I would go to do another degree. Here in the US? There in Oz? Europe?


ivan plese said...

I vote Europe! Free education and the place where the whole beer business started...I hear they have great beer in Belgium! ;)

Anonymous said...

come on! you know this country frickin rocks!! MORDY PIER
(the best place in the world, u know it!!)
-a very unpatriotic (lol)aussie
kristel =)

Mr David said...

Japan! for 2 weeks...... and then Australia! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could try another Aussie state.. and come stay in Brisbane with me!! :)

I havta say tho, after only 3 weeks here so far I already miss Melbourne - which is why I dont think I could ever do what you have and be away for so long. The Sunshine State is far enough away for my liking!


Anonymous said...

Your photography subjects and eye for framing, both, are exquisite. I can imagine your dad is glad you're back for a time.

"Wildflowers, azure skies, and friend's faces..... each share a subtle poignancy in the wanderer's heart "

nik said...

hey mate. sorry ive been all bad with replying. im better at letters. can i have your adress and you will get a pretty letter??? luvya