Monday, December 10, 2007

A Happy Birthday in Lyon!!!

Hello family and friends!

Just a quick note as I am in a internet cafe in lyon (FRANCE) but I had a great birthday here and celebrated La Fete des Lumieres by trampeling around the streets with the masses, the festival was on a weekend this year so there were way oh so too many people! Ivan, Claire, Ben, Alice and I all hit the town both Friday and Saturday nights to see all the spectacles...I lack a better word in English but the spectacles were spectacular!!! As in 2005; my favourite spectacle was the Church of St Neizier with beautiful images being projected upon it to the sounds of music.

I will write a proper post upon return to Austria with lots of PHOTOS when I am in the company of a more normal keyboard...this one is sooo french and all the letters are in the wrong spots I tell you!!!

I am sorry for the technical difficulities for family who tried to seems technology and globalisation isnt what it is cracked up to be!




Goldmarie said...

Hi Cara!
Congratulation for your birthday!
Will we see you for clebrating Christmas on 24th in Vienna? Anna will be home and you are welcome, if you like!
All the best from anna´s mom and family

Aleks said...

Happy birthday Cara!!!!
Glad to hear you're living it up :)
"technology and globalisation isnt what it is cracked up to be!" hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hello Pretty Pea,
Glad to see you had a good birthday. Way to be born! Where are you off to next? Hope the travel is going Great!

You Know Who

Daddy said...

Hello!!! I have not heard a thing from you in days....weeks. Happy B-Day. Sorry that I could not talk to you. You know, I spent a birthday in Lyon with three beautiful women. Say Hi!! to Claire for me.