Friday, December 14, 2007

The France Experience!

So first it was Paris!

And the it was Lyon and birthday celebrations!

Birthday dinner at Claire's....

followed by Birthday cake at Claire's! Here is Cara blowing out her 23 candles! Funnily enough, my 21st birthday in Lyon was celebrated in a similar fashion with tea light candles! A tradition I suppose!

And then it was off to see Lyon in all it's glory for LA FETE DES LUMIERES!

The many changing faces of St Nizier. It was my favourite spectacle/illumination again this year!

It was so beautiful! I could have watched it for hours.

Lyon as seen from Croix Rousse.

Roman Ampitheatre, Croix Rousse

Place de Terreaux


Oh cheeeese, wonderful French cheese, how I love thee!

Cara, Claire and Ben in Claire's apartment on the last night of their reunion.
Claire was my much prized French friend who took me to visit her parents in Provence and showed me the countryside. Ben, a fellow Aussie, was my house mate when I lived in Lyon in 2005 and was coincidentally visiting Lyon this year...for my birthday of!


Anonymous said...

Hello Poppit,
Was Clair your freind that made you the birds on toast dinner? Lyon looks beautifull, I'm sure your having a great time. It will be nice to have you back in the states so i can drunkenly call you. Keep on finding your adventures and we'll here from you soon enugh.

You know who...
...Unless you dont

Daddy said...

Great Photo's!!! It looks like the building is wraped in paper! It would be nice to have a movie so that you could see the images change. You all look so happy, That was really nice that Claire let you stay, she is so nice.

ivan plese said...

Hey Cara!
It was great to live and travel with you again this past month....incredible actually!!! Hope you find what you're looking for, have fun with your funky arty courses!! hope to see you soon some where half way trough! xxoo

Lisa said...

My dear cara,
I forgot your birthday!! What a terrible friend I am. Anywho I'm going to send you many birthday wishes from here and hope you decide to drop by australia sometime before your next birthday so I can make up for forgetting this one.
Michelle is moving to QLD...again I lament..."you're all leaving me!!!"
I miss you and hope you are living la dolce vita.
Stay warm my pet,

Anonymous said...

A bit of info for you about Kikkan, the Alaskan. Thought you would want the news--she made US sports history as first American woman to win a World Cup race, beating the world champion and the Olympic champion in Russia on Sunday!!

Your moose hunting friend,


ivan plese said...

Hey you!! Please notice the extensive use of 1st. person plural in both posts :P, and images of you are ready on the Lyon post...need more time....:)!!
Thank u so much for the!!!so funny about the walking billboard!!!

Claire said...

Coucou Cara!! Bonne Année!! j'espere que tu as passé de bonnes fetes avec ta famille!
cetait vraiment cool de vous revoir tous à Lyon! d'ailleur, il faudra que tu m'envoies toutes les photos, mon père les a toutes supprimés! bon voila sinon de mon côté le départ pour la Suède approche, le 18.01 je pars!
bon je te laisse je te fais des bisous et a bientot