Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Exploring NYC!

Cara visits Morningside Heights, a more intimate part of NYC, iin her solo style.

Tom's Restaurant! This is the interior of the restaurant that they show the outside of in Seinfeld! Doesn't Cara look euphoric about her Lima Bean was actually really good($2.45USD)!

This is the Cathedral of St John the Divine whose claim to fame is the largest place of worship in the USA and the largest Cathedral in the world! Horray for good ole' Saint John!

Looking south east over Morningside Park you can see the northern side of Central Park, its fall tinted foliage peeking out of the buildings. PS. The Cara is a little chilly as it is Autumn in NY! PPS. The Cara cannot seem to figure out that piling on summer clothes still leaves one wearing only summer clothes and not warm attire (as a general rule: 4 summer layers = 1 winter layer!)! The Cara is trying to adjust, compensate, retrain and roll with the times/weather! Note to self: must evolve!

Hello from Columbia University! 'A top academic and research institutions in the world' so they say....aren't they all! Founded in 1754...okay, that's pretty impressive then!


Mr David said...

You're back! The seinfeld cafe is really cool hey? But it's nothing like the tv show on the inside!

Have you been to FAO Schwarz? Make sure you go see the life-sized toy elephant! And go play on the massive piano!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pretty Girl,
looks like your haveing tons o fun in NY. ask around and you will find the soup nazi from seinfeld. the line is long the guy is strick and the soup is worth writig a show about.
take care
You know who.
uness you dont.

Daddy said...

Hellloooo!!! so much to do in N.Y. Maybe someday you could go to Columbia! I was looking at Google Earth over central park and I could not see many buildings, is the Met at the park entry? It is raining here and the sewer installation continues. I hope that they put it in the right place.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Cara,
not long now untill your back to cali for turkey day. Are you ready to leave the east coast yet. Hope all is well,


ivan plese said...

Salut mon Cara! Gruss dich!(learn ti you're gona need it:)

Now..... I couldn't make it to your last party, but I'm definitely not going to miss this one! How could I when you make it sound so so exciting....see you soon! Lyon here we come!


Anonymous said...

Hey Carz!

Sorry I had dropped off the face of the planet for so long.. but it was totally worth it cause I got my H1!!! :) :) :) :)

Sounds like you're still having a brilliant time. Are you ever coming home or will you be an eternal traveller?! I still haven't gotten the travel bug for overseas, but am applying for RA jobs in QLD! Wish me luck cause I'd love some sunny weather :)

Email you properly soon,
Luv Michelle