Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Au Revoir Montreal! Coucou Quebec!

Hello Everyone!!!

Back in French speaking territory again!

I made it to Quebec! The city is gorgeous! Vieux Quebec is a huge portion of the city and the only walled city in North America! Also, the oldest apparently. Oh, the proud Quebecois! It is not too cold yet, today was BEAUTIFUL! I am staying with Jeanna, my best friend from when I was 5 (we have only seen eachother once since we were 5)!! It is great to spend time with her!

Beautiful photos soon...getting camera fixed!


Anonymous said...

Oh poor girl,
did something happen to your camera? sorry babe, that will put a wrench in your calender plans. Glad to see you are haveing such fun. all is well on my end.

Mr David said...

heya! It looks beautiful! Watch out for polar bears up there..... if you run into one remember that they like playing with dogs, keep one with you at all times! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Cara
I wouldn't get that camera fixed - it's taking magic photos !!
Are you having problems understanding the French?
Sounds awesome over there.
Have fun

Daddy said...

Is this a photo off the internet? What happend to the camera?


Anonymous said...

You are SO Cute!
Hope your having fun


Anonymous said...

Your starting t get Post-Popular these days. it seems now that everyone wants to post on your supper-cool Cara Blog.
Maybe its just cuz i'm doing it and i have always been kind of a trend-setter. Anyway, you reap the benafits so lucky you.
Have fun Pretty One


Beryl said...

Cara! Thanks for your message :) :) Snow Falling on Cedars is a beautifully written book, as you said, it's densely atmospheric and evocative. Tell me what you think when you finish it!

Glad to see you're having fun in Canada - sad that *I'm not there to welcome you* arrrrrrrgh!! Of all the possible coincidences, we did a switcheroo: neither of us are where we normally would be.

Also glad to see that you're keeping up your wanderlust in general. I will be reading. ;)

Miss ya! Did you met up with anyone I know?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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