Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Plan: To CALIFORNIA...and beyond!!

Hi everyone!
I am in the Sydney airport waiting for my Jet Star flight to Honolulu. 
Security has confinscated my Cream of Mushroom soup becasue little did we 
all know that 'cream'is the same as saying 'dangerous liquid explosive' 
apparently! Now honestly, who would eat 'dangerous exploding mushroom soup'...not 
my idea of a good time and I'm not sure Campbell's will be using it in their next advertising campagne! 'Campbell's soup is too hot to handle'. 'Campbell's soup... a creamy mushroom explosion!'...ok...just silly now...must get on the plane!

So after flying to Honolulu I am straight off to LA where my grandparents will be collecting me much to their excitement! The plan is to be in LA for about 2 weeks and then head up to San Fran to live with my Dad for a while where I will study and work a bit....and find some life balance and a career hopefully....not too much to ask for is it! So 'See you all soon!' if you are in the USA and 'Love you and Miss you' if youre crying in Oz! xxx

PS. Tell you how JetStar is at the other end...I called yesterday and it's BYO food, pillow, blanket and tv...so why not folding chair and plane as well hey?


Ye said...

Yes, when we left Sydney Airport, Some so-called "Liquid", like "Royal Jelly" "Shark Liver Oil Jelly", was found by security. And we must put it into some plastic bags.
May be, they look more like "explosives" than your mushroom soup.

Hu Ye

ivan plese said...

Maybe the security people like Campbell's soup so much it's irresistible, the idea for their next advertising campaign offers jet again laid out....

ivan plese said...

"the idea for their next advertising campaign is, yet onece again, laid out...."

Sumita said...

Ciao Bella!!!
Thanks for your postacard! Happy to know you're fine and never in the same place for too long!
Have a great time in the States.
Say Hi to your Dad for me.


Julia K. said...

Hey Cara,
I heard you called the other day and you never called back. I can be really busy sometimes, but the next time you call and I am not home, leave a number where I can reach you at (and a good time to call). I am excited that you are in California. I would love to get together with you and hear about your adventures and plans. Hope to hear from you soon.
Julia K.

Jennifer Lee said...


Thanks so much for the postcard! I felt so bad that I haven't talked to you in so long. My computer crashed a few months ago and I lost your email address :( ... How long are you going to be in the States? I absolutely would love to try to meet up with you, either in CA or NC. I also have family in Las Vegas...

Please, please, please let me know what your plans are and we'll try to make plans of our own! I miss our good old days in sunny Barcelona :)