Monday, April 30, 2007

Go skippy girl! Go! To Uluru? Again?

Go skippy girl! Go! To Uluru? Again?

So why have I ventured to Uluru again...for the second time in 2007 you ask?

Because I won a trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... and that is the best reason I ever heard!

I visited the Melbourne Backpacker's and Travel Expo in March because I decided if I was going to attend an expo (we have them all the time here in Melb and for the motorcycle expo, the bridal expo, the home and garden expo, the foreign pink elephants expo!)

that I would find interesting, this would be it! And it was! Fruitful too! I collected more brochures then one person ever needs about traveling EVERYWHERE (one of Cara's goals in life). But here's the fun part, there was a competition! I entered into a game of 'musical brochures' rather then the more commonly played musical chairs (the expo was fresh out of 40 chairs in the middle of the travel stalls). The comptetition was fierce and so, to avoid expulsion, I developed a strategy to win! 'Stay light on your toes and win the game' was my motto. And to stay light on your feet you better skip! So skip I did. To the music around and around, again and again. The competitors steadily declined until it was down to only a few and then items of clothing were being requested! 'An item of clothing to stay in the game' (what kind of game is this you ask? administered by men of course!).

This turn of events was not unfavorable for one wearing only shorts and a top with under garments! So I had to used my strategy, 'skip theory' to its full potential while other contestants gave up expendable socks, shoes, belts, and jumpers (I had none of these items to give you see!). I stayed in the game until the last 3 when I had to give up my bra. The crown giggled as I persevered with 'skip theory' with my hand graciously placed over my chest. "Go skippy girl Go!" they cheered! When narrowed down to the last 2 contestants I gave up my underwear...better to be in your clothes without under garments then be in your under garments without clothes I always say! And then I won! I won! I won!

So as the winner I won: 2 nights accmodation at a backpackers in Aliice Springs. A 3-day safari to Ayers Rock, the Olgas and Kings Canyon. A greyhound bus ticket north to Darwin and then a 3 day Kakadu (and amazing National Park) camping safari with 2 nights accommodation in Darwin! YAY! Hooray! I added in a stop over in Katherine to see the Gorge and a day in Darwin to see Litchfield National Park (who could miss termite mounds and waterfalls)!

I just returned to Melbourne this evening at 7pm! What an amazing trip! I met some great people, as uaual! The world is full of them and if you haven't met any lately you just have to get out there!

So here's some photos from the first leg of the trip!


Cara and 'The Rock!' Isn't it pretty? Isn't it grand? Isn't!?! The red is from the oxidation of iron in the exposed surface of the rock. It actually has a chewy black/grey rock centre!

I actually got to see the illusive throny devil! How cool! Now that's thorny...not horny....its definitely not horny (that would be painful!) and it doesn't move much! Too hot in the desert to move much you see!

The tour group at the Olgas walk of the winds second look out. A BEAUTIFUL view!

Kings Canyon is magnificent! I swallowed not one but 2 flies on this hike! Luckyeee meee!

Toasting marshmallows over the fire! Awwww! The 4 Chinese businessmen really didn't understand our excitement over this one! I guess marshmallows are not a cornerstone of culture over there! Poor guys!

Cara looking sleepy in her swag! That's right...slept under the stars with the bugs! The 'with' in that sentence may imply that we both slept, but in fact they didn't sleep...they nibbled upon me, aka: the conveniently placed naive snack packaged in a swag!


Gail said...

Hi Cara,
I'm gail from the philippines. I am really impressed by your experiences. I hope that maybe u can visit my country one time. I also think that what ur doing is really intresting. I hope that you will achieve the things u want to achieve in life. Gud Luck!

ivan plese said...

hahaha...great post, skipy girl who always meets graet people travalling, glad you had a better climate this time, I wish we had more time to do the darwin as well :)

Daddy said...

I did not know that you had to strip for this contest. I thouhgt that you won a drawing or something. The pic are just great!!! Very red stone, lots of Iron. Daddy

Ye said...

Haha, Cara, I must admit that the word "Marshmallow" is quite unfamiliar to me. And this is the first time I have ever tasted the toasted marshmallow like this. Interesting experience.
I also wrote a lot about this trip, but only in Chinese. Sorry can not share with you.
Hope to see more in your blog.

Your friend Hu Ye