Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Phillip Island- petit penguins and the nobbies


Daddy said...

Where are the penguins? Who is the guy with the big nose? It looks like you had a great day!!!!


Jan-Petter Janssen said...

Awesome penguin trip, except for the penguins. Guess they had the Sunday off.

Rachel said...

Hi Cara
Long time no speak...sorry I'm pants at keeping in touch and the stresses of uni dont help! Its Rachel from England / Lyon. Congrats on finishing uni, im so jealous, im not done til June although i already have a job lined up on a graduate scheme in 'events...' ooooo!
This was sposed to be a christmas message, so have a great one...we're currently enjoyin our usual december freezing weather so im very jealous of the fact you probably have a sun tan!
I hope to make it over to Australia 1 day so keep in touch!
Lots of Christmas love