Monday, December 25, 2006

Graduation photos!

Cara, Patrick and Jan.

Ecstatic Cara!

The certificate!

I say, what a sophiscated graduate Cara!

The ceremony at Melboune University's Wilson Hall.

On Tuesday, December 19th, 2007 at 10:30am I graduated from Melbourne University! Sporting my black flowing gown and olive (unfortunately more like kaki- the most unattractive colour of all degree hoods) green hood I walked onto the stage of Melbourne University’s Wilson Hall to collected my diploma from the Deputy Chancellor. The ceremony was not too long nor painful and our guest speaker was both very friendly and down to earth (something that snobby Melboure University is not). My friend Rhainnon, whom I have known since first year, chose to wait for me so we could graduate together which was fantastic! Our families went for lunch afterwards at Brunetti’s (an old and famous in Melbourne Italian bakery which has amazing sweets) I am now a graduate in a Bachelor of Science. Hooray! First Australia and then the world!

Cara Bradley Bsc.


anna said...

congratulations and a very merry christmas to you dear Cara !!

Lots of love from Austria


Dave said...

Great pics Cara!

How exciting - being entitled to have a BSc after your name! See you soon :)

daddy said...

I like the green!! It matches your blog and it is the colour of nature. Being a grad becomes you. Now you must continue! Do you get to keep the green thing?

Love Daddy

Anonymous said...

i thought u said undergrads dont get the hat??! congrats on graduating Cara Bradley BSc!! :) i will havta do mine in march/april now that i'm doin honours thru monash. but at least then i can have the letters after my name too!! hope you had a fantastic chrissy and new years, we havta catch up very soon xox

Anonymous said...

oops, from michelle! xox