Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oaks Day!

Friends! My first trip to the the races!

Flemmington Race Course

Pretty! Spring racing carnival = spring = flowers!

The boys!


Jan-Petter said...

Very nice day!
Excellent spring weather and an amazing atmosphere on the lawn. A good day to think about something else than exams for a change - and best wishes for the rest of your essay writing.

Anonymous said...

i was there too!! i wish i hadda known u were going cause would have loved to have met up for a drink! :( michelle xx

Daddy said...

You look like you had a warm day! Is this course located in Melbourne? Is it a formal affair? The hat looks a little like the mad hatter! Stay away from the mercury!


Mr David said...

nice hat :)

Was your horse the one that came second? I saw it on the news, he was going strong at the end, could have won it if the race was 200m further!