Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crafternoon, Sat March 24th with Recycled Fabric PILOT

Dear Friends,

I am super excited to invite you to my Pilot for my 'Sustainable
Textiles Social Enterprise' called ReFab It! What a mouthful! What IS
that you say? Read on good people!

WHO: You! Happy friends! Enthusiasts and Experts!

A crafternoon focusing on textiles! Come along to make things out of
recycled fabrics. I will supply materials and LUNCH! The venue has
sewing machines as well as odds and ends to aid us in creating
wonderful things out of reclaimed materials. The aim is to show what
we can create! Share skills and knowledge! The reason why this is a
pilot is that I am applying for funding to turn this into an
organization! Think CERES Bike Shed but for Fabric! YAY!

This Saturday, March 24th! Come anytime from 10am-6pm!

Loophole Community Centre, 670 High St in Thornbury

for fun, for learning, for creativity, for the environment, for
networking with crafters, for community, for the pilot and beyond!

-a sewing machine (and things that go with it like thread) if you have access
-unwanted fabrics/clothes (you or someone else can re-fab them!)
-a sewing/fabric project you are working on
-IDEAS (never fear, I have some too!)

Sign up to the event and please come if you RSVP as I will need to
know numbers for lunch!


-Tram 86 (leaves from Southern Cross, Bourke St Mall & Parliament) and
goes right up High St. Get off at Normanby/Clarendon St and it is a 2
min walk to Loophole.
-TRAINS: Loophole is between Croxton and Thornbury train stations on
the Epping Line. From there it is probably a 10-15min walk.

Tram 86:
Similar organizations, CERES:

Australia is a high producer of waste when compared to other developed
economies. It is currently estimated that un-recovered textile waste
accounts for approximately 4% of the content in our landfills- that's
a needless 4%! The waste generated and its negative effects on the
environment concern government, industry and the community. Recovering
textile waste is a multi-billion dollar global industry that performs
a vital social and environmental function.

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