Monday, January 24, 2011

What's the go?

From a recent letter to my Aunt Pat in Texas:
So for me in Jan 2011, I am house hunting with 3 different friends, triple your chances of finding something as the market in Melbourne is very very difficult to get into here. There are more tenants then housing and so it is $pricey$ too. I am not looking too far ahead because I am unsure about pursuing my photography course further (as usual) but first things first, house and new job, then we'll work on that later *sheepish grin*. 
I went to a local market today and had a garage sale yesterday and made around $300 so thats a weight off my mind, all that unwanted stuff that I had. My car is currently reversed in the driveway with all unsold items thrown in the back so that tomorrow I can sort out the mess which looks like a 'dogs breakfast' as they say here. Tomorrow I also have to pick up some items from the library which I am quite excited about (and get a few more, I like finding about things and hunting for them at the library rather then randomly selecting items for the library although I am hoping to try it the other way soon, one day when I have time), visit the framers, call my work about a mistake in my pay, look for houses, was a tent and clean my sink, write a web designer about my photography site, invite my friends to an upcoming exhibition which is a fundraiser for a contemporary art gallery in trendy St Kilda, tell a few friends about a meditation-ish workshop on Thurs and on top of it all I am aiming to accomplish something big like submitting paperwork for my dentist or writing a prospectus for a non profit I'd like to rest for the wicked and I dare say I wont get everything done tomorrow....the curse of optimism, this glass is overflowing. 

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