Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Cara & Rachel's Birthday Dessert Party & Getaway!

This was us walking in Rye, in between showers =)

Hello all,

We've decided to not only throw a dessert party for our birthdays but to get away somewhere beautiful, RIGHT on the beach!

We invite you to join us for our party on Friday night and/or for a Saturday night getaway of camping on the foreshore.

For the party, please bring dessert or drinks and smiles. Can't wait to see you all. You are welcome to stay the night at the Hitherstreet Flat (St Kilda) and drive with us on Saturday morning to the Peninsula.

For the getaway, foreshore camping is available from Domana to Sorrento and we will be aiming for a unpopulated spot in Rosebud area. There are quite nice amenities available (toilets and showers), we will have 2 tents, the more the merrier! We will be back in Melbourne by early Sunday evening, around 5pm.

Let us know ASAP if you are coming to the Peninsula so we can organise getting everyone there and sleeping arrangements! If you are not a camper, there is accmodation in the area.

Yay for the summer that must surely be here by December 10!

Cara 0425 820 838
Rachel 0416 041 219

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