Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November general email to try and stay in touch

Dear friends and family,

I have not written a general email for a long time but I would like to start again. I have met so many wonderful people around the world, shared beautiful (and challenging) experiences and been the lucky recipient of so much hospitality. As the world gets busier and busier, keeping in touch with people seems to get harder, so here is another attempt. Let me know what you’re up to if you have some time, a sentence is okay. My blog is also still going: (You are Here)

The summary for those who need it is:
Burning Man, commercial photography at University, life guarding, upcoming: yoga camp, summer of local travel. More below:

After going to Burning Man in September in Nevada, USA I quickly returned to Melbourne and finished my university studies in Commercial Photography for the year. My assessment was completed in the last weeks and so without exams I am free to start accomplishing things for the summer!

The summer is looking bright, well not right now, right now it’s a multitude of warm rain during racing season but the past few days have shown us a glimpse. By Melbourne’s standards, winter was very cold winter and thus predictions are for a scorching summer ahead. My summer plans are developing. I have a friend flying in from Canada at the end of December and we are planning to go to a festival in northern Victoria over New Years. Afterwards, there are many options including the Flinders Ranges (with a knowledgeable geologist friend of mine), taking my car on the ferry to Tasmania, Wilsons Promontory National Park or driving along the east coast. I am hoping to do a lot of camping and hiking and see places that I have not gotten the chance to see before.

I am currently working as a lifeguard at my local pool. The clientele and my colleagues are lovely, the politics and procedures however are exhausting. I also work occasionally in retail and after spending years avoiding shopping centres, being confined in one for work is undesirable and amiss but how do you complain when many are looking for work and you have not started anything yourself. I am currently working on starting up my photography business. Ideally, I would like to be making a small income which allows me to leave my jobs. I am also speaking with a professor at my university about starting up a non profit/cooperative/business. We have a meeting at the end of this month and I am both hopeful and excited. I have to research supply chain theory apparently, yay for business! Also, at the end of this month I am hoping to attend a yoga camp as my back and neck have been problematic lately resulting in numerous practitioners. Everything is better with yoga.

I am currently editing and delivering photos I shot for short films, developing a photography project that I am super excited about for next year (more to come on that later), talking with my grandparents and my Dad, babysitting, building a small terrarium, making paper crafts, winning tickets (two classical concerts and a movie thus far), reading about science and society, driving my mother to the hospital when she tries to cut off her finger…you know, all that kind of stuff. Everyday there is a new list....and I have one for tomorrow's long as usual =)

Hope you are well,


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