Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House sitting no longer...

As of today I am no longer house sitting the house that did not need much sitting. A cat and some plants.

A report on today's activities:
I had trouble going to sleep last night, too much going on and woke thinking....as is usual these days =)Then I did a last clean, picked through the pantry for my food, threw everything into my car (it made up almost another load which was a surprise...its amazing how shoving stuff is not an effective form of packing!), quickly printed my essay and drove to the station, late. I left my car at a friends house, Sandy. She is the Mum of my good friend Lee, we have been friends since we were 16...that counts as a old friend seeing as I moved to Australia when I was 10. The train was abnormally packed, it must be pension day today. I arrived late to class (not usual with my 5 min early theory) and saw a speech or two and then it ended! I'll be presenting next week apparently, lol. I think this whole presentation thing is a ploy so the 'lecturer' (I employ that term loosely) doesn't have to lecture. So now I'm at uni and I am going to do a business plan draft and catch up on what I've missed in 4 hours!


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