Monday, May 17, 2010

I am now a Certified Lifeguard!

Last Wednesday I went for an interview to lifeguard for the pool I swim at regularly, 5 mins from my house on foot! By Friday I had the job and compliments on my interviewee techniques! Hooray, if only everyone wanted to give me a job! Roll Up, Roll Up!

Over the weekend I did the Lifeguard course (yes, I got a job before having the qualifications which makes me feel pretty savvy). I attended the course which ran Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday in Maribyrnong (what a hike! other side of the city). Friday night was theory and I stayed the night in Moone Ponds with my Confest/CS friend Jarrod, great to see him again! Saturday was CPR, swim test, towing test after which I went to visit Jarrod and say farewell as he flew to Italy Saturday night. After that it was more farewells as my step-Dad Patrick is off to Japan for 2 weeks to attend the traditional Japanese wedding of his ex-exchange student Yuko who is a temple masters daughter. What an amazing insight into Japanese Culture! My travel feet are a little itchy with so many people flying about!

In the course on Sunday we practiced scenarios or 'initiatives' as they called them. We were then tested on initiatives and were also tested on removing someone from the water who is unconscious and removing someone who has a spinal injury (strapping them to a board whist immobilizing their neck). My favourite part of the course was learning how to turn someone over with the vice grip who is face down in the water with a suspected spinal injury! I was demonstrating it to anyone who I talked to about the course over the weekend. Sunday evening I met up with my friend Sally, signed her up to CS and went home exhausted! That may hours in the pool dries out your skin and makes your hair angry. We ate gourmet pizza and hid from the cold!

This Wednesday I will go for my Induction at the Centre! I will also sign up so I can use the gym and pool facilities for free! Fitness here I come which is great because just now I need a little motivation!

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