Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good things are happening all around...

I went to see this art exhibition, with friends on Thursday:

Wild Man (made out of silicone and other materials, incredibly realistic)

My friend Jarrod is about to volunteer with this project:

My Mother is fast becoming a cooking extraordinaire. She is making boston baked beans today in a crock pot, made Duchess potatoes yesterday and last week Julia Child's quintessential Beef Bourguignon.  

Another friend, Ben, heard Mary Roach speak in SF:

I am still in love with TED! Mary Roach on TED:

The world is full of amazing people and amazing things.

Good things are all around:
-Next week is my good sumaritan week; I am going to give blood and do my re-Induction for volunteering with disabled kids. I am also bringing a friend to volunteer too! 
-Progress is being made on my dream for a website thanks to a friend!
-I am actually applying for jobs!
-I now only have one job!
-Two friends have just started new jobs teaching, another is doing her dream job of becoming a midwife.
-My good friend just got a promotion and a house in the city.
-A friend of mine who works hard is going on holiday to Perth soon.
-Friends of mine are at the winter Olympics right now watching their daughter/sister compete!

...think of all the good things happening =)

Astronomy picture of the day

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