Thursday, December 03, 2009

Back Down Under!

Made it safe and sound to Oz!

Yes, my Mother was surprised! Success!

Day 1:
Arrive in Melbourne after watching movies and sort of successfully sleeping on the spacey new Airbus A380 (even the crew are impressed with it so says the captain). Catch the Airporter bus to my suburb (the driver kindly drops me further along the highway, not at the stop in Mentone), Kevin is there to take me and me' suitcases the 2 blocks to my house. He rings the door bell, I hide behind the car and he says 'Jan, I have something for you in the car but it's too heavy to lift, would you mind giving me a hand' She says sure with open curiosity and then I pop up from behind the car and yell Surprise. She is surprised. 'Cara's home!' she says and continues to say for the next few hours...days. Luggage in, surprise Patrick and then its off to the shop to try all the chocolate, I mean to help package a huge order for a client. I've only been back for 8 hours and I've made $30, wonderful!

Day 2:
Search cupboards for breakfast (it's fun to get forget where things are in 'your own' kitchen), work on resume, print a million copies, get a lift (car is unregistered ahhhh!) to Southland and start distributing resumes: all in all a good trip- ran into 2 acquaintances and have a trial and 3 interviews tomorrow. Try to see status of phone at wrong phone company (ooops! memory fails me...can't even remember who I'm with). Find the right phone company only to learn my phone is fine and dandy. Try to buy credit but left Aussie bank card in American wallet at home...give up on that one. Get a life home (lucky!) and visit family friends on the way (another Surprise- Liz and David. Liz says 'You're home early! With a big grin!' Awww) and bought radish seeds for the garden here! Radish! How wondeful! Best pizza in the world for dinner (Maro's Pizza- Go local). Go for a jog with the dogs, oh how I've missed them, the park and the jogging- Charlotte, the old girl (she is starting to show her age) is out of shape. Watch Castle, another new series for Jan and Patrick. Research jobs seen today and prep for interviews tomorrow. 

The busy life of Cara Bradley hey.

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