Friday, November 06, 2009


At Burning Man (my sentences often start off this way now), in a dust storm, I sat in an amazing sculpture called the 'Braindrop' (pictured below on my BM blog post). In the onion (as I nicknamed the Braindrop) a motley crew quickly formed and I met a great girl named Bronwyn. Bronwyn, I learned she was driving a piece of Kate's artwork across the country. We watched the man burn together that night and ran around the dark desert together. I left a note, actually a cardboard sign at her camp with my details but I never knew what happened with her, months later I know. 

So here is the story...  
Once upon a time Altered Space enjoyed a time on the playa surrounded by burners,

After Burning Man it was time to find a final resting place to be enjoyed by more people. Altered Space made its way across the country on a road trip in the care of Bronwyn and her friend Peaches. They went like this... 

and at the journey came to an end at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) in NY. Here a foundation was poured, Altered Space was reassembled and blessed by a blessing circle. 

Look inside! Wonderful!

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