Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Salem for a day =)


I am back in Salem for the day! I just ate a fine all American breakfast of 'Banana Nut Toast' which was white sourdough-ish bread made into French toast, coated in cornflakes and made into sandwiches filled with butter, brown sugar, bananas and walnuts. No matter how many times I read an American menu, I still can't fathom what will turn up on my plate. Surprised again!

Off to seize the day (and burn some calories) and a wonderful day it is too. =)


Anonymous said...

sounds like my kind of Breakfast.


Emilys Vs The World said...

Hey Cara! Missing you lots since your breif but memorable return! Glad your having fun and eating a breakfast that will get you through the day! Keep in touch lovely!
xoxo Emily

Mlle crombe said...

Hey Cara,
I've just read your comment on my blog.
I'm no longer in Africa since April, I'm in Montreal since July but I'll leave to France at the end of November and probably go back to Sudan in January to start my PhD in Geographia.
You look good to and always travelling around the world.
hope to see you one day on one continent