Friday, May 22, 2009

Quote of the week:

'Swine flu goes local' reads the front page of todays AGE Newspaper. The article informs readers that Swine flu is now present on Australian soil, that a primary school has been closed and basically bluntly informs readers that authorities have lost control. Having studied Microbiology I am too concerned. A pandemic is inevitable, authorities won't be able to keep a hold on it and let's all relax at the moment because out of 11,000 cases of swine flu only 85 have died.

However, the best part of this article was the following sentence:

The mother of 2 boys diagnosed with swine flu said 'The quarantine would give her the chance to do some cleaning, but it was difficult to keep her children entertained. "How did they do the black plague without DVDs?" 

I have to Thank my Mum for coming across that one! Oh....goodness...could you be so silly!

1 comment:

Mr David said...

haha, yeah I can't imagine how they would have survived without dvd's!! oh wait, they didn't...