Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome back to Melbourne!

Welcome back to:

...sunny days and beautiful skies
...unpredictable weather (4 seasons in 1 day) and random humidity
...canceled trains, beeping doors, running for the train (aka: frustration) products containing high-fructose corn syrup coinage and plastic brightly coloured bills
...making a reference to an Australian TV ad/commercial and someone understands
...being accent-ally confused (and constantly getting asked where I'm from or am I on holiday! oh, endless explanations)
...having a closet
...having dogs (that bark) and cats (that have hair...lots of hair)
...a new University that's more disorganized then the last
...timetables, textbooks, impersonal giant university where you don't know everybody
...Mother's kisses
...chocolate in abundance from Hahndorfs...ohhh, the dark chocolate moose is so gooood! Australian books! the Obernewtyn chronicles are finished and I am voraciously reading book 5
...always asking for the time (no watch, no phone)
...a small-ish city
...a local feel (our local pizza is the best in the world!)
...a home for Adults not a student house
...TV (it's everywhere! in my home, in my friends homes...blah! I am trying to stick to my principles)
...big M flavored milk
...things costing more
...terribly terribly awful horrible fashion. Welcome to the 80's, the confused 80's
...and more being asked where I am from all the time...I'm from here!
...a land downunder, a sunburnt other home

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Anonymous said...

i like the sharks with frickin lasers. i think that stinging jellyfish should be up near northern qld tho!! denghi fever also needs to be up there! giant spiders?!!!! MANEATING KOALAS! hahahaha
i would like to see one of these for the US!