Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The skinny...

The interview-
The RMIT phone interview was last Wednesday. It went well but was not what I expected. It was more of a formality because I sent in my portfolio via email so the panel had reviewed my work before the interview (unlike most interviewees who attend the interview and show the panel their work). I spent the whole day researching photography/terms, the RMIT course and the selection criteria which the pannel were supposed to ask me...instead they asked me if I had set up some of the elaborate shots I took of Art in France. They asked my if I was interested in the Scientific Photography discipline and told me I would be exempt from some core science classes seeing as I had completed a BSc already. They told me I had a good feeling for light and I would know if I was in, shortlisted or out by Xmas. And then it was done.

The Thanksgiving-
Wed, Thurs, Fri were all school free due to Thanksgiving. Thursday was Thanksgiving day and I agreed to spend this year with my Dad. In the morning I did a fashion photo shoot with Iaana, an actress friend of mine at the JC who did a fabulous job. She was fun to work with and up for anything....actresses are the way to go I tell you! At 3pm it was Thanksgiving time! My Dad and I ate our main course chez Penny with family friends- the Pruits (Pat and Alison) and the Browns (Alison, Charles and Joe). Then my Dad and I drove to Petaluma for dessert with Paul's family.

The weekend and days off flew by and here we are again...another week and Yesterday, Monday I spent the entire day in the darkroom. I arrived at 10:30 and printed until 6pm. Then I went home (finally), ate (finally), did a biscuit/chocolate run with Hilary to Trader Joes and worked the night away on Photoshop which I now have to play with at home along with 2GB of new RAM which makes the computer actually run...not walk, doddle and trip over.

I'm off to download photos to show in my digital class! =)

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Mr David said...

Well done! Are you interested in Scientific Photography? Sounds fun and nerdy!

Look forward to hearing how you went. In local news, I went to the chocolate store and the new milkshake they are making - chocolate and peanut butter - is worth coming home for!!! It's brilliant.

See you soon.