Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cara's world Map! Gotta love these!

And people say I have traveled a lot! After creating this stunning map, it told me 'Visited 19 countries (8%)' it says. I've only seen 8% of the world....and that would assume I have seen every inch of the countries highlighted!

SOOOO many- beautiful and incredible things still to see!
-languages to learn, fumble and smile your way through
-cultures to absorb and comprehend
-people to befriend, understand and renew your faith in the world
-mountains to climb atop to sing and dance
-pictures to take, savor and show to others who want to know why you have 100 pictures of the same thing (because it was the moment and that moment will never come again and can never be duplicated)
-memories to be made, treasured and bittersweetly longed for
-things to make you grow as a person (possibly horizontally if you don't watch the wine and cheese in France)

create your own visited country map

So I still have to go:
Mexico (to experience the culture and see the Aztec temples), South America (to climb Machu Picchu), Africa (to speak French, volunteer, see wildlife and be humbled), Scandinavia (must meet my Sweedih ancestry), Iceland (to pay outlandish prices but experience Iceland), the trans Siberian railway...and the list goes does my sojourn...=)

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