Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cara's dinner a la Linda!

So last weekend I got to take a few hours out of my crazy busy schedule to visit one of my Mum's friend, Linda. We rendez-vous-ed under the W of Walmart in Windsor, CA and made out way out to Healdsberg. Onward we went to the cabin that Linda is renting which is situated right next to and sometimes actually IN the Russian River. The Russian river is known for its crazy fluctuation of water levels. A nice tranqil stream right now and in the photos below was a roaring torrent just weeks ago when it rained. The National Guard closes the roads to non-residents and tides have been as high as 49 feet (15 meters) . Oh my!

Dinner a la Linda!

Cabin a la River!

Peaceful a la River

Barbecue a la problem? Cara a la scared? (Americans bbqing...who knows! hehe)

Happiness and reassuring smiles a la bbq!

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