Monday, September 24, 2007

Up Up and Away!


The Developments!!! The Plan!!!:

I have a flight to Buffalo, NY on Tues and will stay 2 or 3 nights there (apparently Buffalo has a great Art Museum) before heading to Niagara Falls and then onto Toronto to see Kathryn and her mother, Honey. I met Honey randomly on a bus in Annecy, France. She was an exchnage teacher and told me I should look her daughter up in Lyon! And so I did! They have both returned to Canada now! I will hang out with them for a couple of days and see Toronto. Then Kathryn and I are going to Montreal! I will see Montreal for a few of days (I have a friend, Charles, whom I met in the Lyon Youth Hostel that I stayed in when I first arrived in Lyon in Sept 2006) and then its on to Quebec City! My friend Jeanna (my best friend growing up who moved away when I was little) is living there with her boyfriend and I will either stay and visit or stay and work a little while! YAY! Onward!! After that it's see the East Coast, DC and NY (friends there too!) before heading back to CA for the holidays!
P.S. I have now recovered to where a cough and a stuffy nose are a welcomed change from fever and pain! Even more Yay!


Anonymous said...

you have been so mutch fun to have around. Eaven when you were sick and not up to mutch of anything but infecting my whole house.
I cant think of anything to do in oregon that we have not done. Coast, mountain, lava beds, and metropolotin city.
I guess i will have to find you in another city soon and then we'll have something new to explore.

See you on the otherside pretty pea.
your tour guide

Daddy said...

When in Buffalo try and see the Darwin D Martin house if it is not too expensive. They have a full size copy of the Winged Victory there! Apparently it was one of Frank Wright favorite statues. But you did see the original in Paris so who knows.... :{)

Emilys Vs The World said...

Hey ya! I'm in Vancourver at the moent almost on my way home...any suggestions! Looks like i will be heaidng up to Seattle as well! YAY! xoxoxox em