Wednesday, February 08, 2006

PHOTOS!!! (finally)

So here I am in Sestriere!

YEAH. So I have not posted for ages and hence thetre oh so too much to tell!

So here's what you all missed:
My friend Dave came tro visit me before I left Lyon as did my freind Lisa form uni and her brother Mark. We all had heaps of fun together as there was a bit of overlap in their visits and spent time laughing together. It was great to see Lisa again and chat to her! We laughed and laughed and laughed so hard with her brother Mark about all sorts of things. Mark and Lisa have the same smiles and happiness. Good for the soul. Lisa and I pulled an all nighter talking and enjoying eachothers company the night before she left....was absolutely stuffed the next day!

I left Lyon in the afternoon of Sunday Jan 22nd. I took the bus to Part Dieu with way way way to much stuff (almost physically impossible to carry) as I thought there were things I could use in Sestriere as I had NO idea what was in my appartment or what I needed for work. Shaggy's business partner picked me up from the train in Oulx and brought me up the mountain to Sestriere. I met the staff at dinner at 'The Cavern' (the resturant). I get free meals when the cavern is open. For the Olympics I am working mainly there.

So my appartment is at the top of Sestriere. It is older and has a bit of a brown and white 70's thing going on. When I arrived I lived with Helen (British) who is nicked named H and Taharni (Aussie). The owrds lazy pigs spring to mind but to be fair they has their reasons (overworked, underpaid, lazy, unhealthy...ya know). The appartment was filthy and disorganised and they spent their entire existences sleeping, complaining and drinking. There was no food in the house.

So I have new room mates now who are great and I am working too hard and being under paid but there is nothing for it if i want to stay here for the olympics and see all that jazz. I have decided my aim in life here is to meet new fantastic people and collect as many pins as possible. So far not doing too bad on either front. I have like 20 pins so far! I know its sad but they are pretty cool and i wasnt even going to collect but now I am sucked in!

It is pretty cold at times but i dont even notice it anymore! Amazing. Okay sometimes I notice it. LIke the other day when it was -13.5. That was a bit nippy and the wind chill factor was even more comforting! Whe I get back in June to Melbourne winter i am going to think it is summer!

So I have to go to work but more later! Love you and miss you all!


Daddy said...

-13.5 cold..cold...cold. I am so happy that the new room mates are working out better! It makes a big difference if you like the people that you are living with. I would really like to see a picture fo these pins??? I guess that they muct be colourful.


Cara's Mom & Pat said...


Photos ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Mr David said...

don't forget that I collect pins! hehehehehehe

Thank you for buying me that pin in Lyon by the way! Its my favourite one that I get while away!

It's so great to be home! Tomorrow I am going to visit Nath and Becc... the weather here is fantastic and I have already been down to visit Harndorfs for a iced chocolate (which is really really yummy!!) and lots of chocolates courtesy of Jan!!

blue said...

Good to get an actual post from ya, rather than just an update that you're alive (though that is good to know as well).

I saw some shots/ads for the Olympics last night and thought of you. I can not imagine being in a place where it gets to -13.5. That is insane, I bet our winter will feel warm to you.

I've not been doing much, just waiting until next Monday when I start back at school. I'm happy that I am but I know studying and getting up early is gonna be a shock to the system.

Kris and I have decided you've been gone too long and you really should just come home now, kay? ;]

Anonymous said...

hey cara,

ahh i dont think i could stand -13.5, and you reacon at times it isnt cold???? that doesnt sound like u at all.

I have just finished one of my summer subjects, yay, one more week starting monday, and i have 2 reports to write and im finished. i cant wait unitl i can say NO MORE UNI

it must be exciting working near the olympics even if u are underpaid and overworked-at least you get payed.

i am still trying to work out what i am doing in june-i havent heard back about my job as i have been away, so cant really plan anything yet, but i will keep u posted-and keep my fingers crossed whatever happens.

i have got so many people who want me to go to Japan to visit them-do u feel like a trip in the near future? more random travelling?

Great to hear from you and know u r alive

Luv Rhiannon

Clairess said...

You called!!! It is so great that you called, but it was 5am and I was asleep.

My mobile number is 0423 874 540.

I had my wisdom teeth out on friday and still in a lot of pain, in fact getting light headed just from typing. I love you so much and it was wonderful to hear your voice. Call again!!! Or better yet tell when it is good for you and I will call you!!!

Love you desperatly


Émilie said...

Melbourne? No way... That's where my boyfriend's from... And he's going back home forever in July.
:-( If you want and if you need, I could get you some good addresses.

Pins are good souvenirs. Good idea.

Pat said...

Hey Cara,

Been a while since i heard from ya! good to hear ur havin fun! I extended my exchange away, so i am in the UK till July.. back to melbourne for second semester tho :(.. anyway drop us a line some time yeh!


Pat said...
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Pat said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi from Las Vegas!! Haven't checked in for a while so got all caught up. Happy birthday, (you celebrated on mine, the 10th)Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. That's so cool you are @ the Olympics. I've been watching them. Lots of cute guys I say!! I wish I could travel like you.....keep it going..........Cathie oh, those meals you had @ friends?? Did you eat the veal and the ham??????? I can't do veal, no way Jose.......

Emily said...

Hi Cara!

Good to hear things are going well where you are! I'm glad we had a chat the other day it was fantastic to speak to you!
I only have 20 days left!!
Keep up the work and fun!
Hopefully see you soon
lov EM

Julia said...

Hello Cara,
Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope you are having a great time. I can't wait to hear about more of your adventures.
Your Cali Friend,